HUD – Fair Housing Act Design Manual (Download or order full Manual)

In the previous edition, differences existed between the Act’s accessibility requirements and the non-binding or recommended guidance provided by the manual. The revised manual clarifies what are requirements under the Act and what are HUD’s technical assistance recommendations. The portions describing the requirements are clearly differentiated from the technical assistance recommendations.


U.S. Access Board

Phone: 1-800-872-2253

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design


Accessibility Checklists

Universal Design Checklist  


Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)

Phone: (888) 860-7244

“Accessible Home Design: Architectural Solutions for the Wheelchair User”

Cost: approx. $36 + shipping and handling


Concrete Change  (Visit-ability)

“Concrete Change is an international network whose goal is making   ALL new homes visitable, not just “special” homes.    Being at the party, the meeting, the family reunion . . . not isolated.  Our method is policy, because the market alone is not enough to address the segregation, public health problems and fiscal waste of continuing to build houses with no access.   We focus on  three essentials that must become the default in home construction practice:”(quote taken from the Concrete Change website “Who We Are”)


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